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For 25 years, I have owned, bred, raised, and adopted out Yorkshire Terriers. It is a passion that I have turned into a business. Each dog is a part of my family and I work hard to guarantee that each puppy is placed in a loving home.
I will have you fill out a puppy application to determine if your household is the type in which a Yorkie would feel loved. I want to make sure that you understand the serious commitment owning a puppy is, and that you are sure a Yorkshire Terrier is the right fit. These adorable babies are perfect companions, but they still require a lot of time and energy devoted to them.
If you pass the application process, you can place a deposit down to hold the puppy of your choice. We offer all of our Yorkies at a “pet price” and a “Full AKC Registration price.” With the “pet price,” you are signing a contract that you will have the puppy spayed/neutered. The “Full AKC Registration price” is significantly higher, but it gives you full showing and breeding rights.
We update our site almost daily to show the pending statuses of each puppy. You can see if they little angel you want is available, pending adoption, reserved, or already sold. Each Yorkie puppy is special to us, and each one has a lot to offer to you.
 If you are in Atlanta, GA or the surrounding areas, Sweet Creations Yorkies is the place you want to come to adopt a Yorkie of your very own. You can trust that we are providing only purebred, well taken care of puppies. Join our family and welcome a little fluffy angel into your home today.

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