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The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, while still a Terrier, is a separate breed from the classic Yorkshire Terrier. The Biewer was initially bred from two Yorkshires, but is now recognized as its own breed. It is a very rare breed, and we are one of the few places you can find IBC registered Biewers.
If you need an IBC Yorkshire Terrier breeder in Atlanta, GA or the surrounding areas, come to Sweet Creations Yorkies. We are proud to offer this amazing breed. We have the IBC pedigrees to prove that our pups are all pure breeds.
Blue, white, and gold, our pups are all bred true to their colors. The colors are what make a Biewer, a Biewer. All of our Biewers come from champion blood lines, so if you are looking to breed or show your new puppy, you will be happy with our quality.
If you adopt one for pet purposes only, upon signing a spay/neuter contract, you will be given a significant price break on the cost of your pet. If you would like the showing and breeding rights, the cost of the puppy will be increased accordingly.
Much like other Yorkshire Terriers, this breed is also very lively, active, and alert. It is a sturdy breed, despite its petite size. These energetic and fun guys will make the perfect addition to any family. The only real difference is that Biewer Terriers contain all three colors that Terriers come in, and these colors are in specific areas of the body.
Despite the only difference between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Biewer Terrier being the addition of a third color and the placing of the colors, the dog is considered to be a rare breed all its own. This makes the value of these dogs a bit more than a typical Yorkie. You can rest assured that if you are looking for a true Biewer puppy, that you are getting a quality one from us.

Sweet Creations Yorkies is the premiere IBC Yorkshire Terrier breeder in the country.

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