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Taking care of a puppy is a full time job. They are no different than children in the way they need constant attention, teaching, and care. If you are looking to learn about Yorkshire Terrier care in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas, contact us today so that we can help.
New Yorkie owners can sometimes be overwhelmed on where to begin with training their puppy and how to take care of it. We offer a teaching service to help train you on how to train them. Sweet Creations Yorkies is glad to help any Yorkie parent learn the proper way to take care of their new addition.
While Yorkshire Terriers are a smart breed, they still go through every normal stage a puppy goes through. Sometimes housebreaking them can present an issue. We will walk you through all the proven tricks to making this process as quick and mess-free as possible.
Though Yorkies are not known to be yippy dogs, they are still dogs who will bark at strange noises. We can show you the easiest way to get them to refrain from barking. We will show you how to utilize treats in a behavior reward system.
We can also show you how to prevent your Yorkie from becoming a biter. While their mouths may be small, they can still use their little teeth to bite you. We know how to keep them from developing this bad habit. When you come to us, we will show you all of the secrets we have earned over our 25 years of raising Yorkies.
Sweet Creations Yorkies will also guide you on how to properly groom your little angel. A trademark of a Yorkshire Terrier is the long, silky smooth hair. Much like human hair, a Yorkie’s must be taken care of to prevent tangles from forming. We will show you all of the grooming practices you will want to adopt to take care of your munchkin.

Sweet Creations Yorkies will be glad to help you learn how to care for your child.

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